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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easy peasy: Skinny Mash with Sweet Peas & Rosemary

I know I will have not invented the wheel with this post, but I have to tell you something: it is simply scrumptious! And, I should add, so ridiculously easy to make! While your potatoes and sweet peas are boiling, microwave half a cup of 1,5% fat milk with a teaspoon of low fat butter (real butter should be 80% fat, so this one is at least 20 % lighter) and chop a branch of fresh rosemary. Once the potatoes soften, drain and mash the lot, season with salt, then mix with milk and butter. Finally incorporate the sweet peas & chopped rosemary

Perfect for a lazy Sunday. Goes well with roast beef with blue cheese sauce & seasonal salad, as you can find here and here. xx

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