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Friday, April 06, 2012

Inspiration: Delicious Food Blogs from Around the World

I don't normally do that, meaning, I don't copy and paste articles from the world wide web and then post them on my blog, but this is one is so special that I decided to share it with you. Saveur magazine has published a selection of beautiful & very delicious food blogs and sites from around the world. Romania is not on the list yet, though there are a few uber talented, passionate & creative Romanian food bloggers as well. Maybe next year :)

Reading the article, browsing though the blogs as they popped out on the screen reminded me once again how beautiful a hobby it is to write about food. Food is what sustains our life but there are so many things that become food for thought. Sadly, in many parts of the world people struggle to make ends meet and provide a basic meal for their family. GM food has become the norm these days and imports of fruit & vegetables make it hard to trace the source of what we really eat. Prices have also skyrocketed, people have become strapped for cash and therefore buy cheaper, low quality products and, in spite of all the hi tech advances, inventions and IT gadgets, people still  die of starvation. In all this mess, chaos and turmoil, some passionate bloggers create little miracles in their tiny urban (or not) kitchens to inspire us all. 

From SAVEUR magazine. Sorry, I didn't know how to take a screenshot :( 

Sep 29, 2011

Worldwide Feast: 55 Great Global Food Blogs

Here at, we spend lots of time reading food blogs — and it's no surprise that we've found smart, gastronomically-inclined bloggers in virtually every country on earth. These writers are committed to celebrating regional recipes, restaurants, techniques, and ingredients; we draw on their sites as culinary guides to everyday life in specific places all over the globe. (We're also moved by how many region-specific sites are written by expats who maintain a connection with their homeland through food: Korean cooks living in Australia, Greek cooks living in the Netherlands, Indian cooks living in Peru, and more.)

These 55 blogs comprise our must-read list in the international food blogging community, but surely there are more. Share your favorites with us in the comments.

By Helen Rosner
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Worldwide Feast: 55 Great Global Food BlogsENLARGE IMAGECredit: Todd Coleman


Chef Farid Zadi breaks down the basics of North African cooking in this blog, which also provides background on tools, techniques, and Algeria's culinary history.


This Buenos Aires food blog is populated with posts about traditional Argentine fare, such as dulce de leche, alfajores, and chimichurri sauce.


Witty food reportage dominates this amusing food blog, created by magazine editor (and Black Sabbath enthusiast) Anthony Georgeff.

In the wide, deep sea of photo-driven food blogs, What Katie Ate stands out as a thrilling source of visual inspiration. Colorful, perfectly staged images pair with detailed restaurant recommendations and Oz-inspired recipes.


This photo blog is an intimate look into an Austrian kitchen, with near-daily photographs of whatever the author happens to be cooking up for herself.


This California-based blogger spends about half her posts on conventional American fare, but it's the rich, beautiful Azerbaijani recipes that keep us coming back for more.


Blogger Neide Rigo writes in Portuguese, but her lush photographs provide more than enough context to tell the stories of Brazilian cuisine. (SAVEUR editor-in-chief James Oseland visited her not too long ago; to our delight, he made it onto the blog.)

Illustration: Drawn and Devoured, Canada
Written in both Portuguese and English, this bilingual Brazilian food blog that features more than just Brazilian recipes. Recent posts include South American-inflected looks at Chicago style pizza, pralinés, Swedish cinnamon bread, and gnocchi.

This site specializes in traditional Brazilian cuisine. While written in Portuguese, its bright photographs and occasional cartoons connect with readers of all nationalities.


If you find yourself in Cambodia and are in search of a good place to eat, this site will be your saving grace: it features extensive restaurant reviews of culinary institutions in the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh.
Paying equal attention to the restaurant scene in Alberta and to the ins and outs of Top Chef Canada, this blog dives deep into Canadian food culture.

Toronto-based artist Katherine Verhoeven puts a fresh spin on restaurant reviews with her whimsical illustrated writeups, as much a joy to look at as they are to read.

Don't be fooled by the name: there's more than just sandwiches featured on this site, which highlights fresh, healthy, simple food of all varieties.


This Spanish-language food blog provides step-by-step instructions to make traditional Ecuadorean dishes, as well as recipes inspired by the rest of Latin America.


Russell Davies loves traditional English breakfasts (see: the name of his site) and is dedicated to tracking down as many as he can.

Photo: Claire Sutton for Things We Make, England
An honest, hilarious, digressive account of learning to cook traditional East End London foods, with plenty of literary references and good old British humor.

Husband-and-wife team Claire and Ed make beautiful food. They also grow a beautiful garden, put together beautiful furniture, and make us want to live a beautiful English country home.


Written in English, this blog is dedicated to traditional Eastern European foods given bright, modern twists. Tales of foraging for mushrooms run side-by-side with restaurant reviews and tales of travel throughout Europe.


Clotilde Dusoulier is the grande dame of Parisian food blogging, and even ten years after her start, the site is a fresh, engaging take on contemporary French cuisine.

The ultimate American-in-Paris food blog is equal parts foolproof baking recipes, insider knowledge about the city's restaurants and shops, and dry wit.

The retro colors and jubilant design of French-born, London-based pastry chef Fanny's culinary journal are so witty and engaging, we could page through her site all day.


Blogger Nicole Stitch lives in Munich, where she delivers weekly recipes that showcase the beauty of German produce.

The Wednesday Chef is the online home of writer, home cook, and native Berliner Luisa Weiss, who started her blog when she was living in New York City. Beautiful photography and witty anecdotes provide the backdrop for recipes ranging from American inspired fare to European favorites.


Photographer and world traveler Peter features a mix of traditional Greek recipes (his heritage) and international dishes inspired by Australian fare (his home).

Photo: Luisa Weiss for The Wednesday Chef, Germany
Magda, a Greek home cook living in the Netherlands, blogs about her kitchen adventures with luscious photographic accompaniment.


A blogger from Pune, Maharashtra, delivers spirited, thoughtful traditional Indian recipes, with occasional digressions into global cuisine, packaged food, and culinary economics.


Chanita Harel's recipes are inspired by her mother's kitchen; they're a personal tour of Israel's culinary fusion of Eastern European and Middle Eastern cuisines.


Lush photography anchors this Italian food blog, written by a Swedish professional photographer who lives in Tuscany with her husband and children.

This Italian-language blog mixes traditional Italian recipes with internationally-inspired dishes, with a particular emphasis on seasonal produce.

Rachel Roddy, a wry British writer living in Rome, pairs Italian recipes with conversational, engaging narratives that make you feel like you're cooking with a friend.


This blog is a prime demonstration that Japanese cuisine isn't just sushi and tempura. Restaurant and product reviews run alongside recipes showcasing Japanese foodstuffs from sakura sweets to yuzu marmalade.

Photo: David Hagerman for Eating Asia, Malaysia
Keiko, a Japanese expat living in England, explores traditional Japanese food alongside clear, easy-to-follow instructions.


The title says it all: this provides step-by-step instructions on how to create delicious, authentic, Korean cuisine, from a Korean blogger who recently moved to Australia.


Husband and wife team David Hagerman (who takes the photographs) and Robyn Eckhardt (who does the writing) use their home in Kuala Lumpur as a jumping-off point for travels throughout Southeast Asia, focusing on street food, out-of-the-way restaurants, and welcoming homes.

This mega-blog is run by Bee Yinn Low, a writer and recipe developer whose loyal following of over a half million visitors a month keep the conversation lively. True to the heritage of Malaysian cuisine, the recipes here are have elements of Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Indian influences.


Everything you need to know about Mexico City's culinary scene can be found on this informative site. From tipping guidelines to tropical fruit recipes, it's a gastronomic survival guide.

This bilingual food journal highlights women's recipes, stories, and their relationship with food in Mexico. It's simultaneously touching, inspiring, and instructive.


Suri, an Indian food enthusiast born in New Delhi, and Cesar, a passionate home cook born in Lima, form the team behind this cross-cultural blog, with recipes that are Indian, Peruvian, and a little bit of both.


A former management consultant who writes under the pseudonym "Marketman" delivers a guide to the ingredients, specialty foods, and local produce to be found in the Filipino capital.

Connie Veneracion is a mom of three who's been blogging about Filipino home cooking since 2003, and has amassed a loyal following for her clear instructions, engaging voice, and witty commentaries on everyday life.

Photo: Nook Eatery, South Africa


A Portuguese cooking blog that's written in French, Tasca de Elvira's beautiful, moody photographs elevate Portugal's naturally simple foods to works of art.


Belgrade-based Marija draws on international influences in her cooking, and doesn't shy away from decadent, tremendously flavorful ingredients. (We're particularly enamored of the meat-wrapped-in-more-meat Master Roll.)


This all-encompassing Singapore food blog features dining reviews, recipes, and travel tips, curated by a husband-and-wife team comprising both a professional food writer and photographer.

Modern, clean photography illustrates this blog's contemporary spin on traditional Singaporean cuisine. 


The traditional Spanish recipes on this site are written in English, but you almost don't notice the words next to Spanish-born, Scotland-residing illustrator Ximena Maier's exuberant, often hilarious, recipe-driven drawings and collages.


The blog of this Stellenbosch-based restaurant pulls back the curtain on co-owners Jessica Shepherd and Luke Grant's emphasis on fresh, homemade cuisine using local ingredients.

Named for a deep-fried, syrup-dipped pastry, the blog of South African native (and current U.K. resident) Jeanne Horak features traditional recipes made with English ingredients. 


Designer and cook Johanna Kindvall is building a beautifully illustrated guide to Swedish cooking, with delicately drawn images and infographics that lead readers on a visual journey, from stylized images of dainty elderflower cordials to sticky chocolate cake.

Photo: Green Kitchen Stories, Sweden
Health-conscious family David, Luise, and daughter Elsa share their passion for good, wholesome, vegetarian food, along with an intimate look at family life in Stockholm.

Stockholm-based Dagmar really does have cats that wander around in her kitchen, but their cuteness isalmost overshadowed by her adventurous, honest kitchen exploits.


Leela Punyaratabandhu has made it her mission to demystify Thai food for an international readership, with clear instructions, vivacious culinary histories, and inspiring photography.


Cenk Sonmezsoy blogs about the Istanbul food scene and develops striking original recipes on his informative, comprehensive site, which was named Best Culinary Travel Blog in our 2011 Best Food Blog Awards.

This remarkably comprehensive site, an invaluable resource for tourists, goes beyond typical Turkish fare to deliver restaurant recommendations for restaurants specializing in Balkan, Caucasian, and Middle Eastern cuisine.


From traditional Vietnamese recipes to out-of-the-way restaurant recommendations, this is the go-to food blog for travelers on the hunt for delicious street food and gourmet delicacies in Vietnam's northern capital, Hanoi.

Freelance journalist Graham Holliday may now be based in Rwanda, but he's a Vietnamese food junkie, and he draws on his long history of living in Saigon on this comprehensive, friendly site.

Want even more food blogs? Check out the winners and finalists from the 2011 Best Food Blog Awards, as well as our list of 50 More Food Blogs You Should Be Reading.

Cory Baldwin and Allison Poindexter contributed research and reporting to this story


  1. Adorabila selectia de bloguri culinare. As putea sta zile intregi rascolind printre bunatati si fotografii delicioase. Faina postare, draga mea.

  2. Deli, cit ma bucur ca ti-a placut selectia de bloguri delicioase. Sunt atitia oameni talentati si creativi, timp sa avem sa citim, sa ne inspiram si sa gatim pentru cei dragi. Cu drag, Yolanda

  3. Am salvat si eu vreo cateva,e mult mai usor de descoperit bloguri noi de pe o lista facuta de altcineva. Inspiratie chiar este din plin,nu pot sa-i inteleg pe cei care se plang ca nu stiu ce sa mai gateasca:(