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Monday, April 16, 2012

Perfect Breakfast: Sweet Bulgur with Grapefruit Pulp Frosting & Orange Blossom Water

There is no denying that my favourite time of the day is morning and my favourite meal of the day is...guess what? - dinner! Well, I do my best not to skip breakfast and when I have more than ten minutes to spare in the kitchen, I experiment with something new. This is how my "Perfect Breakfast" series started on Lemon Love Notes.

This morning I revamped half a cup of bulgur,  I sweetened it and gave it a truly Middle Eastern treatment. I simply love bulgur and surely, there must be more than one way of cooking it, apart from using it in tabouleh or Bulgur Salad with Mint & Pomegranates *delicious*

Sweet Bulgur w Honey, Grapefruit Pulp Frosting & Pistachios

Type of cuisine: Middle Eastern/Fusion


(for 2 persons)

half a cup of bulgur

2 tbs of clear honey

orange blossom water

the pulp of a freshly squeezed grapefruit

a handful of hydrated pistachios

orange rind preserve

la vie en rose


Steam the bulgur until it becomes fluffy. 

Squeeze the grapefruit (drink the juice, keep the pulp) ;)

Hydrate the pistachios in warm water and shell them.

Once the bulgur soaks in all the water and becomes fluffy, pour a generous measure of orange blossom water and clear acacia honey, mix, cover and let the flavours mix for 10 minutes. Place the fluffy bulgur in a bowl, add 2 spoonfuls of grapefruit pulp frosting & sprinkle some pistachios. Finally, put the orange rind preserve on top for a bit of drama. 

I went for sweet bulgur this morning as I realized that I had forgotten to hydrate the wheat berries the night before. Bulgur is amazing in this combination; the grapefruit pulp boosts the flavours magically while the orange blossom water, orange rind preserve and pistachios pair so well. I will definitely repeat this experiment some time very, very soon! Maybe next time I'll follow Joumana's Sweet Bulgur with Grape Molasses or I'll spice it up with ginger, cinnamon & nutmeg. The sky is the limit :))

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