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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Frozen Sweet Labneh with Vanilla, Lemon & Blueberries

I guess we are never really ready for extreme temperatures, especially here in Romania. When it's cold, we moan it's unbearably cold, when it's hot, we ceaselessly complain about the heat. Though I am fine under the a/c 24/7 with either a glass of Saudi Champagne or frozen strained yoghurt aka labneh. :)

Some of my readers might know that I have a passion for strained full-fat yoghurt  and a quick search on this blog can unearth some amazing Middle Eastern dishes and  fusion combinations: savoury labneh, sweet labneh, labneh cheesecake with lime leaves etc

If labneh comes in endless delicious combinations, I thought to myself why not try my hand at frozen yoghurt with a touch of Middle East?

This is my version of frozen yoghurt, Middle Eastern style. :)

 Frozen Labneh with Vanilla, Lemon and Blueberries

 900 gr of 7 % fat yoghurt      
100 gr double cream     
4 tbs of honey

200 gr of fresh blueberries coated in sugar (aprox 2 tbs)

lemon rind

2 tsp of vanilla extract


Strain the yoghurt for 20 minutes and mix it with double cream, honey, vanilla extract and lemon rind. 

Cover the blueberries in sugar and leave them for 5 minutes to soak in all the sugar. 

The easiest part is when you pour the blueberries over the labneh mix and whisk lightly. Place in a container and freeze for 2-3 hours at -28 degrees C.
I plan on buying an ice-cream machine but until then freezing my labneh does the trick! :)

All I have to add is that it's mouth-watering and mind-blowing. The secret ingredient must be the lemon rind which imparts a delicate flavour and pairs perfectly with the blueberries and yoghurt.