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Monday, January 16, 2012

Labneh with Mint, Zataar & Pomegranates

We had some guests over for dinner and since we went for Italian for the main course, I decided to give to the starters a Middle Eastern slant. I love Middle Eastern food and I could eat Arab food daily. And why wouldn't I do so? I could cook Middle Eastern in my sleep - it's ridiculously easy, ingredients are readily available and it's healthy. 
I have written about labneh here and here and this dip is a variation of the savoury dish. 

Yoghurt cheese with pomegranates, mint and zataar 

Type of cuisine: Middle Eastern

Drain the full fat yoghurt and place on a large plate. Press the labneh with a silicone spoon to make the ripples and the circles in the soft cheese. Sprinkle some salt, zataar, chopped mint and pomegranate seeds. Finally drip some extra virgin olive oil just before you serve. 

It won't take more than 30 minutes to drain the yoghurt (if you are in a mad rush) and less than 2 minutes to decorate. Enjoy. xx

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