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Thursday, March 01, 2012

The Most Delicious Brownie in the World

Some time ago I made The Best Banana Bread in the World :) No bragging, this is indeed the best banana bread in the world and let me tell you what were the criteria to label this delicious cake as "the best":

* it's healthy

* it's mildly sweet; it contains one spoon of honey and the natural sweetness of ripe bananas

* it's spicy :)

* it's vegan (no eggs, no milk)

* it's fat free (no oil, no butter) - yes, it's possible to bake an awesome banana bread without the obiquitous cup of oil

There is no secret that I love relatively guilt-free desserts and I have a pet hate for oil and animal fats. 

I adore brownies. They are so moist & smooth as a result of the packet of butter at the core of their velvety texture. Fair enough. I once made a brownie following the text book, and I must say it was divine. But is there a brownie to appeal to my taste which doesn't compromise on the flavour, the moisture and the deep chocolaty taste?
So I looked, I browsed, I searched, I scrolled down until "butter" cropped up in the recipe and then I gave up. 

But it just occurred to me to add melted bitter chocolate and ganache to The Best Banana Bread in the World and there I had The Most Delicious Brownie in the World, inspired by Rachel De Thampe who wrote a wonderful book called Less Meat, More Veg. I hope you will try this version and enjoy it in the morning with a cup of strong coffee with cardamon. 

so delicious and soft it melts into your mouth

brownie crumbles


  1. Si brownie-ul meu ravneste la acelasi titlu:))) dar nu e atat de eggless si milkless,deci al tau castiga la categoria "healthiest brownie". Dar ispita e mare si aici si la banana bread:)

  2. Tot incerc ca fac dulciuri fara regrete dar care sa nu compromita gustul original. Mi-a reusit de data asta :)