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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Labneh Cheesecake with Honey & Lime Leaves Matcha

I have been meaning to put together a cheesecake since...last year when I made and blogged about Cheesecake a mi manera, if you remember. In the meantime, after discovering that I can actually make labneh at home, I have been dreaming of a labneh cheesecake.  Labneh is strained yoghurt cheese, which is very light, smooth, soft, and velvety.  
Call it Cheesecake a mi manera 2, if you want, this cheesecake has some of the ingredients I like the most:  labneh, lemon juice, honey, kaffir lime leaves

Labneh cheesecake with mascarpone, honey, matcha lime leaves and vanilla powder

Type of cuisine: Fusion/Low Fat

Ingredients for the base: digestive biscuits, 20 gr of Danish butter, warm water

Ingredients for the cheese cream: a cup of mascarpone cheese, 2 cups of strained yoghurt cheese (7% fat), lime leaves powder, vanilla powder, lemon/lime rind, 4 tbs of honey, the juice of two slices of lemon, dissolved gelatin.

Start by taking care of the cream: strain the yoghurt beforehand. Grind the kaffir lime leaves. Mix the mascarpone with the labneh and add the honey, lime zest, vanilla powder, the juice of half a lemon and the lime leaves matcha. Finally add the dissolved gelatin in milk.

Pulverise the biscuits with the melted butter and a small cup of warm water and a pinch of lime leaves powder and transfer the smooth base onto a circular dish. Press with your palms and fingers to stick it to the bottom and bake it for maximum 10 minutes @ 150 degrees C.

Take the dish out of the oven and pour the cheese cream. Chill for a couple of hours and enjoy with a cup of earl grey.

The lime zest, rind and kaffir matcha will impart a lemony, fresh flavour to the cake and the honey will make the cake taste delicately sweet. Really loved and will certainly repeat the experience. :)

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  1. I love this cheesecake! Labneh and bread is my favorite dinner any old day and this would make a fine dessert for the weekend! Love the addition of exotic spices which make this cake even more exotic and alluring!