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Monday, January 17, 2011

Mini Pizza in Three Words: Ti Voglio Bene

I wasn't planning on blogging about my mini pizza, but some people "Liked" it on Facebook. Thank you, I love you too :)

Taking a bite of this small slice was like a discharge of flavours: the sweetness from the honey-filled wholesome base, the softness of mozzarella, the sharpness of the blue cheese. All I could say was Ti Voglio Bene Mike, TVB Life, TVB Inspiration!!!

The Base

Whole wheat flour (3/4), white self-raising flour (1/4), salt and linseed. Mix.

In a bowl pour a glass of warm milk, a slice of butter, yeast,  a spoon of honey, 2 spoons of yoghurt.

(If you read my blog, you know that this is my naan recipe). 

The Topping

tomato paste with  basil and a pinch of brown sugar


blue cheese ( a small slice, diced up)

basil (for decoration)

Once you flatten the base to the thickness you wish, apply the tomato paste, add the mozzarella and the blue cheese and spread the basil just before the pizza is sent to the oven.

This uber-easy mini pizza is perfect for a lunch break when time is scarce and there are still many things to-do in the daily planner :)

Thank you for your time reading this little entry and do try this pizza at home.

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