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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fluffy Brownie with Raspberry Puree & a Touch of Summer

This is what happens when you post a delicious recipe late: you simply forget how you made it!! :/
My best posts are always published when the food is still hot, resting in the oven so-to-speak, so that should teach me a lesson :))
I have been waiting for summer ever since it ended last year! The unmatched beauty and bounty of the farmers' market, the long days basking in the sun make this time of the year truly special. 
A week ago I bought fresh raspberries and with all the frozen egg whites I had left from all the times I made lemon curd, I baked a scrumptious fluffy and  as light as a feather brownie. 
So, here we go:

Dark chocolate- check.

Fresh raspberries-check.

A cupful of leftover frozen egg whites- check.

Flour- check.

Baking powder- check.

Vanilla extract- check. 

Brownie with raspberry puree, egg whites and vanilla extract

Pretty, simple,  and pretty simple really. :)) If you have ever made a classic pound cake (minus the egg yolks) this brownie will be the easiest thing in the world.


Puree a cupful of fresh raspberries, sweeten and set aside.  Melt a bar of good quality dark chocolate and mix it with approx 50 grams of butter
Thaw the egg whites (approx 6) and beat them with sugar and vanilla extract till they harden. Pour the raspberry puree and melted chocolate, whisk, and finally add the baking powder and flour (no more than 4 tbs). 

Bake for approx 40 minutes @ 150 degrees Celsius and decorate with mint leaves and extra raspberries which haven't squashed in the process. 

so cute, right? :)

In my humble opinion as an amateur chef  :), this is the ideal summer dessert: it's packed with fruit, velvety and chocolaty, light and guilt-free in the absence of egg yolks. 

 Yes, yes, yes,  it was love at first...bite! :) 

perfect for breakfast while browsing Ideal Homes magazine, and dreaming of all beautiful things

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