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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Stuffed Aubergines with Yoghurt Tahini Sauce & Zataar

In June I hosted a small party and one of the things I cooked as a starter was this delicious Middle Eastern/Fusion dish. Busy as I was, I never got the chance to post it here on Lemon Love Notes and in the meantime, on a whim, I blogged about Fancy Moutabal :) 
You may wonder, why on a whim? - because it was quite late in the evening when I got the eggplants out of the oven and I wasn't in the mood to foodstyle. But like most beautiful things in life are also very simple, so I grabbed the camera, took some shots and then took a taste. Impressed by it, yes, my decision was made. It was blog-worthy. :)

So I am not going to do the usual and write the list of ingredients & the method of cooking. Just click on Fancy Moutabal as this is a variation on that dish. 

Thank you very much for 'liking" my "Stuffed Aubergines" photo album on Facebook; you have inspired me to post this appetizer here.  

Love, xx Yolanda


  1. Yolanda! This combo is sheer magic:) how beautiful.

  2. I would love to taste this! I have never tried combining eggplant with zaatar, but how fitting!

  3. I made aubergine today.Mostly when I don;t have a lot of time this tasty vegetable saves me>Didi you know that in the 19th century people taught that aubergine were poisenous and kept them only for good looks on teh table.Lucky us today ,we know better:)Great recepie;)

  4. Those eggplants must taste wonderful! I am a big fan of za'atar and tahini.



  5. I am very happy you liked this treat. Eggplants are divine anytime, and especially in summer when they are fresh and sun-kissed. Your comments make me happy, love xoxo Yolanda