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Friday, June 24, 2011

Blueberry Clafoutis

Today I had a girls' afternoon in! In the kitchen, I must add. Let me explain. My friend Alexy, aka @A_SilverLining on Twitter, came over with the purpose of baking scones together and tasting various jarfuls of Lemon Butter Curd which we bought from Ireland and UK. One thing led to another and we cooked and baked a lot.  We made Grilled courgette salad with zataar and dill, Burned aubergine with tahini and laban (which is heavier than yoghurt), Morroccan broad bean dip, Lentils with (home made) dehydrated tomatoes and roast onions, Beetroot salad with cumin & mint yoghurt dressing, Capsicum Tabbouleh, Blueberry Clafoutis and Scones, of course. 

It was a busy afternoon, but it was so much craic (fun, in Irish)! Great chat about the old times while grilling, mixing and delicately & patiently chopping veggies, it was amazing. Before I post the savoury stuff and the much anticipated white tea & rosewater scones, I will share this delicious, amazing, stunning, and totally guilt-free blueberry clafoutis. The recipe is similar to the Sour Cherry Clafoutis which I posted some time ago. Basically follow the recipe, but change the fruit. EQUALLY DELICIOUS. 

Here are some snapshots. Enjoy. 

Alexy, thank you, it was so much fun cooking together. How did time fly so fast? Love xx


  1. you're right! it seems really delicious!
    You have cooked and baked for a a thousand people!!

  2. She just cooked for (and with) me, actually :D She had the know-how and expertise, and I had the chopping skills! We had an excellent time & late lunch and that Clafoutis was heavenly! We gotta do this again soon! xx