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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Late Night Snack: Salmon & Grilled Courgette Baguette w Ramson Raita

Breaking diet rules and regulations doesn't have to leave you with a guilt complex, right? :) I don't believe in what is commonly accepted that "rules are meant to be broken", but what is there to do when you are just hungry in the dead of night?

It only took 10 minutes to prepare this delicious snack, including the photos, so this bite is not only easy, but it's ridiculously quick to fix.

Salmon & Courgette Baguette

a baguette (though I used only half)

1 courgette

strips of Norwegian smoked salmon

20-30 leaves of ramson

2 radishes- chopped finely

lemon juice

onion seeds & pepper (to decorate)





lemon juice

a pinch of fleur de sel


a dash of extra virgin olive oil

crushed almonds


Cut the baguette halfway and spread chutney on each slice. I used home made mango chutney, made by Mike. (He is chutney proficient, his chutney is the best thing ever since the invention of the wheel :) Truly delicious.)

Cut the courgette in thin slices and grill them.

Wash the ramson leaves, keep 5 or 6 leaves for the raita.

Put the salmon on the bread, squeeze some lemon juice on top. Add the slices of grilled courgette and the ramson leaves.

Decorate with freshly ground pepper, onion seeds and tiny cubes of radishes.

To make the raita, just blend the ramson leaves with the yoghurt using a vertical blender, add fleur de sel, ground pepper, a squeeze of lemon juice and a dash of olive oil.
With the blade of the knife, crush some almonds and add them at the end.

Ramson leaves taste garlic-y and peppery, I must say they are my favourite aromatic plants of the season. I have been using ramson obsessively these days, so expect more recipes and postings with this kitchen diva. 
Cooked or raw, ramson, aka wild garlic or bear's garlic, doesn't lose its peculiar taste and gives dishes a wow  factor. You can read more about it here.

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