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Friday, March 04, 2011

Frozen Yoghurt (& my heart is melting)

Frozen yoghurt, who would have thought I would actually make it myself??? I used to buy this cooling healthy dessert in the middle of the Arabian desert, in Riyadh, as an alternative to fatty ice-creams, from the flagship store in Tahlia Street or the mall. I used to love going to FreshBerry and Yogen Fruz and it's such a pity these brands are not in Romania. :( You could go to the shop, choose from different flavours and the toppings made me feel like I was a child in a chocolate factory: nuts, almonds, dark chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, cherries, pomegranates, the sky is the limit.

Here, winters are long and horrible, but summers are mercilessly hot.
It snowed last night, hopefully for the last time, but today I had a sudden craving for frozen yoghurt. Yoghurt is a staple in Turkish, Middle Eastern and Indian cuisines and I make the most of it almost daily: raita, tzatziki, cacik, lassi, yoghurt and cucumber soup, labneh, ayran- the list is long and I will never be bored with the variety of choices.

frozen mixed berries

Frozen Yoghurt with Mixed Berries, Crushed Almonds and Honey

a small bag of frozen mixed berries (300 gr)

2 tbs of honey

4-5 tbs of full-fat yoghurt (3.5%) 

2 tbs of single cream

a handful of freshly crushed almonds 

If you don't have an ice-cream machine (like me) :( and if you love ice-cream, but worry about the content of sugar, cream and fat, then frozen yoghurt is the perfect choice: it's healthy and it's insanely delicious!!!!!!!! 

Mix the frozen berries with honey. Use a vertical blender to pulverise the berries with the yoghurt and the cream, and add a handful of freshly crushed almonds, as they will make your treat crunchier and even yummier.

Pour this mixture in a tupperware container, cover, store in the freezer for an hour and enjoy one of the most delicious and healthiest dessert on planet Earth.

vibrant colour, healthy treat

smooth & crunchy

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