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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tapioca Pudding with Coconut Milk & Rose Water

The moment I took a first bite of my tapioca pudding with coconut milk and rose water, I remembered the famous quotation: I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds around my neck. I'm in love with roses, I wish my life were a bed of roses :) I want to be surrounded by roses, in my garden, on the table, on the plate, in my cup of tea. Have you ever tried black tea with rose water and saffron sugar? It's divine. I had it first in Saudi Arabia, in the house of my friend, Sabeeka. It was a mind-blowing combination. 

If you remember, some days ago I was suggesting in the Think Gourmet! post, that you have rose water and orange blossom water in your pantry. Used in many Arabian, Persian and Indian desserts, rose water can be added to tea, lemonade, yoghurt, lassi,  or even used for cosmetic purposes, in soaps, moisturizers and skin tonics.

Many people might not know that rose water and rose oil are organically grown and produced in Saudi Arabia, in the region of Taif, east of Jeddah. Taif is a rich agricultural area known for its production of honey;  grapes and pomegranates are also harvested in the region and delivered overnight all over the Kingdom.
The delicate roses of Taif bring thousands of visitors to this western region on the occasion of the Taif Rose Festival, organized to coincide with the rose-picking season, reports Gulf news

Type of cuisine: Middle Eastern

Cooking time: 20 minutes

For this beautifully scented pudding, this is the shopping list:

pearls of tapioca (one cup)

fresh milk (500 ml or more)

coconut milk (200 ml)

honey (1 tbsp)

rose water (3 or 4 tbsp)


Measure one cup of tapioca pearls and boil in two cups of milk. The pearls will require more milk to be gradually added, so keep the bottle of fresh milk close by. Add the coconut milk, honey and rose water towards the end and stir continuously to avoid sticking to the pan. 

I decorated the pudding with beautiful rosebuds from Sonnentor, organic rose tea and coconut chips to design the delicate petals. 

smooth, velvety, divine


  1. I have never tried tapioca :) I think it's time to experiment. I'll start with this delicious pudding.

  2. Tapioca is great. However, sago pearls are nicer (as they are smaller in size), but I couldn't find them in Romania. I am sure you'll love the combination: coconut milk and rose water work like charm. xx